International School Alliance of China is an educational organization that specializes in Sino-Western educational exchange service. The mission of ISAC is to enhance Chinese education internationalization level by introducing more foreign talent into Chinese public and private education system.

Founded in 2015 with the support from Ji'an Municipal Education Bureau, ISAC has established partnership with a wide range of educational institutions including international schools and colleges of public universities, primary and secondary schools, as well as administrative education bureaus. ISAC's role is to represent our members and bring more international talents. In the meantime ISAC is building up a foreign teachers' community to make ISAC a more recognizable brand among teachers in China and those who wish to come to China.



With China's improving system of national education, Chinese students are able to receive better education in better conditions; considerable progress has been made in the fairness of public education. In 2015, Chinese government launched the University Alliance of the Silk Road (Wikipedia) which brings together more than 130 universities on five continents and is coordinated by the China’s Xi'an Jiaotong University. This alliance aims to develop cooperation among its members and promote the Belt and Road initiative in higher education.

ISAC was founded later that year in Hangzhou, one of the most foreigner-friendly cities in China, with a goal to expose more Chinese students to international education. For the past few years, ISAC has had success providing a platform for member schools to connect with foreign teachers and for foreign teachers to know more about our member schools.


Teach with ISAC

ISAC recruit foreign teachers on behalf of our member schools and universities including:

ISAC University Teaching Program
Hangzhou Public School Program
SIP Public School Program
Xiamen Public School Program

If you are looking to teach in China and prefers a public setting rather than a private one, ISAC has all you want! We welcome teachers to join us to explore all the fun and unforgettable experience of teaching, working and living in China!


Who can benefit from it?

No matter if you are currently teaching in China or if you are looking to teach to China, you can always find useful information with ISAC. Feel free to browse the information page and contact us for any questions you have at contact@isac.org.cn.


ISAC is a licensed education service provider registered under the Department of Human Resources and Social Security in Ji'an, China (Registration License Number: 91360803MA36W9TW3X).


ISAC国际学校联盟 International School Alliance of China(法律主体:伦多人力资源服务有限公司)位于浙江省杭州市华润大厦B座47层。我们拥有国家认证的人力资源服务许可证,资质注册于吉安市就业和社会保障服务中心。ISAC 致力于为中国教育国际化引进优秀教师人才,尤其聚焦为公立学校及民办学校提供合格、合法的优秀母语外语教师,并提供全方位专业人力外包解决方案和相关技术支持。